Tuna 560

Strong and brave hull of Tuna 560 has been designed for an intensive use by anglers, both amateurs and professionals. The boats is convenient also in a worse weather since the fore cabin is a good cover from the rain. In the cockpit of Tuna you can find everything you need for a catch: a high and safe side with some rails, five rod holders supporting fishing which are installed on the stern; on the right side you will find a fish box that allows long storage of fish while on the left side there is a worktop for gutting fish. In the whole boat there are 10 practical storage compartments which help keeping an order. In the front part of a superstructure there is a lifted window which allows a service of the bowpart of the unit. Tuna 560 is a compilation of a practical working boat while maintaining a slim silhouette of the boat that gently shears waves. Easy to use and easy to transport on a car trailer.


Maximum engine power74 kW / 100 HP
CE CategoryC/D
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